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My Services

Individual Therapy

Here For You Face-to-Face or Online

Since 2014, I have worked with a variety of adult clients (over the age of 18 years old) dealing with circumstances and issues that are unique to their lives. I have worked for many years in a community based counselling setting while also maintaining a private practice and can offer support in the following areas:

  • anxiety, stress

  • depression and low moods

  • low self-esteem, self-worth

  • negative debilitating beliefs

  • understanding confusing thoughts and/or feelings

  • unresolved childhood issues

  • bereavement and grief

  • loss - of work, relationship or sense of direction

  • loneliness

  • victims of narcissistic abuse

  • life transitions (divorce, moving house and/or country etc)

  • physical, emotional or sexual abuse

  • trauma and PTSD

  • suicidal thoughts

I guide and facilitate my clients every step of the way and use various therapeutic methods to help them develop new awareness and perspectives towards all of life’s most complex matters.

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